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    Devotion. Desperation. Destiny.

    A novel by BRISEIS S. LILY

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Of Hustle and Heart is a contemporary coming-of-age romance that takes place in the sultry springtime of Houston, Texas.

Seventeen-year-old Zina Cochrane, whose single mother struggles to support her and her thirteen-year-old twin brothers, has decided to sell bootleg CDs and DVDs to bring in some cash. Intelligent, street smart, and deeply introspective, Zina is determined to hide her jealousy of her classmates’ less difficult lives, especially from the popular, handsome, green-eyed basketball star Shannon Smith.

As high school graduation nears, Zina continues to keep up with her schoolwork and her social life even as she’s found her life in danger. And then twenty-four-year-old restaurant manager Zacarias Moreno, saunters into her life.

Of Hustle and Heart explores romantic relationships along with other issues of modern life in a way that highlights the complexities encountered by many young people today. With chapters alternating between the viewpoints of Zina and Zack, the story keeps you engaged in learning the fate of characters who are striving to reconcile their innermost feelings with their personal ethics and life situations—and facing difficult choices in a world where black and white so often fade to gray.

Of Hustle and Heart ( Of Heart series #1)

Publisher: Nolavee Bookgroup, Houston Texas.
OF HUSTLE AND HEART, book one in a two book series is author Briseis Lily’s debut novel. Available NOW exclusively on Amazon and Kindle. Book two, ABSOLUTION OF THE HEART is currently in production scheduled for release in the spring of 2017.

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Not your average coming of age story..

I couldn't stop reading this book. I got to the end and kept turning the pages screaming NOOOOOO, I need more! It's the coming of age story of an intelligent, street smart girl living with...
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Customer Review

Can't wait for the sequel!

Finally! I have been looking for a work that is relatable and honest, while being extremely entertaining at the same time. I found that and more in this book. It was definitely a page turner and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what..
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Briseis S. Lily is a marketing and communications student, turned author and lives in her home town of Houston, Texas. She’s a voracious reader and like most voracious readers, she’ll devour just about any book with a great story and awesome characters. Briseis loves finding amazing authors and stories that’ll keep her up at night. She hasn’t watched much Television in the past five years, but when she does have time to catch a show, she streams Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and new Favorite, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In her work, she’s chosen to present tough yet, engaging subject matter featuring a new generation of individuals trying to find their place and plant their feet in the midst of this crazy-fast-paced world.

Awareness of current and vital social issues are themes in Briseis’ novels and writing and she’s dedicated to promoting a brand that encourages passion, intelligence, grace, humility and integrity. She believes in pursuing your dreams. She believes in the best in people. She believes in love and forgiveness, and hopes you do too.

Briseis is the first author published under the Nolavee Bookgroup, Publishing imprint, based in Houston Texas. Her debut novel Of Hustle and Heart is a young-adult, coming-of-age, teen-romance and Book one in the Of Heart Series. Book two is scheduled for release in spring 2017. Connect with Briseis on her Social Media, Goodreads and Blog: Briseislily.blogspot.com

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Release Date
Of HUSTLE AND HEART available NOW on Amazon and Kindle

Release Date for Book Two in the Of Heart series
Plans for Absolution of The Heart, book two in the Of Heart series is set for April 2017. So, prepare yourself and read book one now!

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